Crane Differential Cover/ Chrysler 8.25″ axle


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Recomended for serious off road use. Use also when towing heavy loads, prevents axle case flex & premature wear of differential parts. Increases oil capacity for cooler running.

Crane Chrysler 8.25 diff cover. Features: smooth lipless design to prevent hanging up on rocks. Fill hole located for correct oil levels without dip sticks or risk of overfilling. Recessed design helps prevent damaged to bolt heads. Bolts are grade 8, 12 point counterbore style to allow correct torque and look good too, and are included with every cover. Hi Grade RTV sealant is included also. Sealing surface is machined flat to insure correct sealing. CHC DC8.25 covers are cast from Hi Strength Ductile Iron. All Crane products carry a lifetime free replacement warranty against breakage.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: 02-07 Jeep Cherokee KJ

Product Code: CRAA24

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