Brake disc/pad kit, front, upgrade, TJ




Kit contains one set of DP61255 Greenstuff brake pads and one pair of USR1256 slotted discs Money saving brake kit including one set of pads and a pair of discs Greenstuff 6000 series type approved upgrade brake pad set for 4×4 Medium dust pads which give a brake improvement of 10-20% Specifically designed for use on 4×4 vehicles Pair of slotted upgrade brake discs with grooves that are designed to dispel gasses and debris
Greenstuff 6000 series upgrade brake pads for 4×4 vehicles are manufactured in the UK and are type approved for your vehicle. Designed for long life with medium dust and featuring Brake-In coating for faster bed-in.
One pair of slotted upgrade brake discs, slots dispel gasses and debris and give quiet braking. Manufactured from unique disc alloys and thermic black coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Product Code: 4PL06KF325