Transmission filter kit, Aisin4, XJ




ACDelco Professional Automatic Transmission Filters are high quality replacements that are manufactured to meet OE requirements for fit, form, and function. These filters help capture abrasive particles such as metal shavings or debris caused by the transmission operation, preventing them from entering or blocking fluid flow that may cause damage to the transmission’s internal components. They deliver efficient filtration and outstanding fluid flow to and from your vehicle’s transmission.Features & Benefits:

  • Has an air-tight seal that can help eliminate loss of line pressure
  • The felt filter media helps deliver high-filtration efficiency, excellent fluid flow, and long filter life
  • The filter fibers are infused with phenolic resin, adding strength and the ability to withstand fluid temperatures at the highest level of the transmission’s normal operating range

These are quality professional filters from Delco

Product code 4PLTF247