Taylor ThunderVolt 8.2 HT Leads, 4.0L engine



Taylor ThunderVolt 8.2mm wires from Taylor are an easy, proven, dyno-tested way to gain more power—simply by changing your spark plug wires! These factory replacement, ultra-high performance ignition wire sets are loaded with features and benefits, including:

* 50 ohms of resistance per foot
* 100 percent silicone 2-layer jacket
* Ferrite spiral-wound coated core
* RFI and EMI-compatible for all ignition systems
* Dyno-tested to outperform the competition
* Superior spark energy
* Increased horsepower
* Significant torque gains
* Smoother idle
* Improved fuel economy

These are high performance replacement HT leads for the 4.0L engine, Cherokee XJ, Wrangler YJ & TJ (-99), Grand Cherokee ZG/J.