Replacement Mopar MS-5931 Power Steering Fluid



Mopar equivalent power steering fluid. Essential for Jeeps requiring MS-5931 fluid  (eg. all pre 98 Chrysler vehicles & all Grand Cherokee WJ’s 99-04). ATF fluid MUST NOTbe used in these vehicles as a refill or top-up as seal leakage will occur.

Since the takeover of Jeep by Fiat Auto from Mercedes, the Mopar MS-5931 is not available with no forecasted lead time of stock becoming available.  This power steering fluid carries this specification as well as meeting GM specification 9985010.  It has the clear appearance with a slight amber tint.  This signifies the difference between this specification fluid and any other ATF based power steering fluids.  We are currently using this fluid in our own workshops and our own Jeep vehicles.

This comes in 1 US Quart bottles which is 946ml

Vehicle/Manufacturer: Accessories

Product Code: 4PLRLPAS