Performance Distributors FirePower ignition kit, 2.5L, TJ/XJ



Faster starting, smoother running, more power! You will be amazed at the improvement this kit will make in your vehicle. Your rig will start faster, run smoother, and have more power and better fuel economy too. This ignition kit consists of Performance Distributors’ LIVE WIRE mega plug wires, Screamin’ Demon high performance coil, USA-made  high performance distributor cap and rotor with brass terminals and lead connectors, and alloy lead separators. The Screamin’ Demon coil allows you to run an astounding .065 sparkplug gap, which gives you a much more powerful burn of your fuel mixture yielding increased horsepower and fuel economy.

This kit is for the 4 cylinder 2.5L engine

Product code 4PLFP25KIT