EBC Brake Discs, front, upgrade, WG/J




These slotted & dimpled brake discs have wide aperture 5mm full sweep slots & are the choice of many race teams & the majority of the UK Police Force vehicles. They have a gold zinc anodised finish for rust resistance. For further technical information click on our EBC info page accessed via the grey header at the top of the page.
All EBC brake discs are precision machined to the finest tolerences & are considered a premium quality disc better than many OEM discs being sold. The material used in disc castings is a grey iron to specification JH32A (equivalent to USA G3000) & includes a 1.5% copper added in the second melt during the casting process to comprise their unique material ‘discalloy’. Discalloy gives a more thermally stable cast iron.They are machined on high precision ‘tower’ milling machines guaranteeing a thinkness & run-out variarion below 0.001″ (0.025mm).
In-line with good mechanical engineering practice, all EBC brake discs are sold & to be replaced in pairs.
See our Green Stuff 6000 4×4 series/SUV & Yellow Stuff brake pad upgrades for use with these brake discs.
Fits the FRONT of the following Grand Cherokee WJ models;
2.7 Turbo D 2001-05

3.1 Turbo D 99-2001
4.0 99-2005
4.7 99-2005
Vehicle/Manufacturer: 99-05 Jeep Grand Cherokee WG/WJ

Product Code: 4PLGD1098