Davis Ignition Distributor Cap And Rotor Kit, 2.5L



For great firepower, you need all of the spark that you can get, and cap and rotor kits from Performance Distributors and Davis Unified Ignitions will give you every jolt that you need. These quality high performance cap and rotors offer up to 50 percent higher dielectric strength and can handle all available voltage. Manufactured using the ideal resin material to handle any system, these rotors have an improved well design to eliminate burn-through, nylon rotor screws to eliminate a “ground” for the voltage to jump at high rpm, and brass terminals on the cap to give you maximum conductivity.

Quality FirePower distributor cap by Davis Unified Ignition (DUI). Brass terminals. Vented to prevent gas build-up & condensation. Comes with retaining screws & 2  types of rotor arm for differing distributor shaft sizes to ensure correct fitment. Blue in colour. Made in the USA

Fits all 2.5L L4 engines.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Product Code: 4PL-35300BL

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