Air Lift Load Controller II System




With these Air Lift Load Controller II systems, you not only get everything you need to install air springs on your ride, but you also get Air Lift’s low-pressure sensor. If the air pressure in your springs drops below 5 or 10 psi, the sensor will detect the drop, and kick the compressor on–automatically! This saves damage caused by neglect, running the air springs below 5 PSI & trapping/chaffing them between the coils. You can watch it happen automatically on the dash-mounted pressure gauge. The kits include an onboard air compressor, air lines, panel/gauge & switch that will inflate or deflate at the touch of a button, plus all wiring, hardware, and installation instructions. They’re recommended for trucks, vans, and SUVs.

We have this kit fitted to our own 2004 WJ 4.7 Overland along with an Airlift air spring kit. air spring assist prevents rear spring fatigue from towing with heavy nose weight/loaded causing eventual sagging of the rear end & poor handling. Drop the pressure when not towing for a ‘standard’ ride.

Vehicle/Manufacturer: Accessories

Product Code: 4PL-25592

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