RTV transmission and axle sealant



Wynn’s Black Gasket Maker is a flexible high-temperature resistant, watertight filling and bonding material. It is a polysiloxane based product in a pressure cartridge for making seals and gaskets in a rapid and easy way.

  • Is resistant to oils, transmission fluids, water, antifreeze, grease, smoke and hot toxic gases.
  • Replaces cork, felt, paper and rubber gaskets.
  • Withstands low temperatures up to -40°C (continuous) and high temperatures up to 232°C (continuous) and 260°C (intermittent).
  • Does not harm catalytic converters and electronic sensors.
  • Re-torquing is not necessary after complete curing.
  • No mixing required (single component).

Pressurised, self-propelled, trigger operated, self-sealing, reusable canister. 200ml

Product code 4PL57680