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EBC Brakes - Official Stockists

4Play Jeep are officially appointed stockists of EBC Performance  & OEM quality brake components. We have stock of brake discs & brake pads, both original equipment specification & performance grooved/dimpled discs/matched pads for Wrangler YJ/TJ/JK, Cherokee XJ/KJ, Grand Cherokee ZG,J/WG,J/WH,K.

EBC manufacture many of its rotors in either its own sister company foundry in the UK or in Italy. All rotors are machined & finished in the UK and the USA. All USA sport rotors are slotted at the Los Angeles facility of the USA operation. On a Global scale, most EBC rotors are manufactured from British castings & 100% of these are precision machined in the UK or USA in any of the 14 machining centres EBC has in these countries. All rotors are subject to strict quality controls & specifications.The Company has a policy of maintaining UK, US & European jobs whilst many manufacturer's have run off to the Far East.

Drilled & Slotted Sport Rotors

The dimpled drilled rotor was invented by EBC back in the 90's and has been imitated by many due to its ability to offer brake pad degassing without the need to weaken the disc by though-drilling. EBC's wide aperture slots draw cool air under the brake pad cooling the contact area which can otherwise exceed 1000 degrees during heavy braking leading to brake fade. EBC's slots are machined full-sweep to maintain flat and parallel brake pad surface thoughout the life of the pads. These full-sweep slots also have the added benefit of removing water, dirt & debris from the braking area. These rotors are available in two designs, the GD range or USR range. A point to consider with slotted rotors is an increase in air noise as they pass beneath the pad during normal driving conditions & braking. Most driver's investing in ungraded braking components have no objection to the 'turbo' sound of slotted rotors, the GD range being the noisier of the two. However when fitting to trucks, 4x4's & SUV's, the noise is almost unoticable & the GD range preferred. For silent braking on a quiet, luxury prestige cars then the USR range should be considered.

Ultimax Plain Premium Replacement Rotors 

High quality, vented & non-vented OE specification grey iron brake rotors equalling or exceeding those fitted on production line vehicles. Ideal as a replacement for the daily driver who wants quality replacement parts during undertaking a brake service. Use with EBC Ultimax black brake pads or upgraded pads.

Brake pads 

Greenstuff- 6000 series, 4x4 & light truck & SUV

An excellent heavy duty formulation for 4x4 & light truck use with slightly less friction than the 2000 series (average coefficient 0.45mm) giving the benefit of better resistance to offroad conditions & longer life whilst having extremely low rotor wear charactoristics. Low dust rating.

Yellowstuff truck & SUV Performance

Ultra High friction, high stopping power brake pad for US & european built trucks & 4x4's. Suitable for use with original rotors giving high stopping power with just a pad change.  Ideal for high Horse Power truck &/or those with large wheel/tyre combinations. Good cold/hot friction rating (average coefficient 0.5mm). Very good service life. This is not a low dust brake pad. 

Ultimax- EBC black

Premium quality high friction brake pads approved to ECE R90 brake safety regulations exactly as the original equipment fitted at the factory, but for far less money. Don't let the lower price of these brake pads cloud your view on quality, these pads will stop your vehicle as fast as the original & faster than most after-market brake pads.  Nominal friction coefficient of 0.46mm with minimal rotor wear & similar dust rating to original parts.

Redstuff Ceramic - 3000 series

For high horse power vehicles & fast street driving. Brake like an alligator from cold (as good as original equipment) & just get better as they heat-up. The compound is a Kevlar fibre base with ceramic particles & is much advanced over previous non-ceramic Redstuff compound. It brakes better, lasts longer & is quieter. Hard wearing (the bed-in time can be as much as 1000 miles), these are intended for fast-street, repeated hard braking. Very low dust rating & dust is easily removed with just a sponge wash. Faced with EBC's bed-in compound to condition the rotor surface. 

Greenstuff - 2000 series

A premium street pad for cars up to 200 BHP & spirited street driving. Excellent from cold to 1100 deg F. Nominal friction coefficient 0.55. Medium dust rating.

Yellowstuff - 4000 'R' series  

A full race rated pad that is street legal. An aramid fibre based compound that has high braking effect from cold, they do not require warm-up but do get stronger as they heat-up. One of the first race rated compounds that can be used on the street. Used by the Police & by Silverstone Circuit's track driver's experience cars. High dust rating (for low dust requirement & street use you should consider Redstuff). Excellent lifetime.

Bluestuff NDX Formula - Racing brake pads

Until now race pads have never been produced with any regard to disc wear, noise, harshness or bite from cold. Nor have they ever passed ECE R90 brake safety tests for highway use. The compound consists of blended man-made & naturally mined fibres rather than semi-metallic fibre used by all other race pad manufacturer's making them substancially less harsh on rotors, giving them bite from cold & a progressive feel. The bonding consists of multiple interlock holes & a unique chemical layer increasing strength & preventing material/plate separation. 'V' grooved to catch debris during track use. Target use is all types of heavier high performance cars used for track use. 

Brake disc (rotor) fitting & safety instructions

(1) Remove brake pads, callipers & old rotor, support calliper as not to hang on brake hose.

(2) Clean hubs of rust & scale to ensure correct seating & alignment of new discs.

(3) Check brake calliper pistons fully retract without the use of undue force (check vehicle specific instructions for wind-back piston callipers).

(4) Disassemble calliper slider mechanisms, clean & inspect for wear to bushes etc. Lubricate with a high-melting point teflon grease or acquivalent. Remove all rust & scale from brake pad running surfaces of calliper, file or sand smooth as necessary. Apply a small amount of a high-melting point copper or silver assembly/anti-seize grease/compound.

(5) Fit new brake disc & secure with two opposing wheel nuts. Check brake disc for run-out prior to fitting wheel. If RUN-OUT EXCEEDS 0.003" (three thousandths of an inch) remove disc, rotate one hole & repeat. If run-out still exceeds 0.003" there is a fault on the vehicle which must be rectified before proceeding. Run-outs in excess of this figure will cause 'disc thinkness variation' to develop at 3-4000 miles resulting in brake judder.

(6) When a satifactory run-out is obtained refit brake calliper with new brake pads & torque all fasteners to manufacturer's specifications.

(7) TORQUE WHEEL NUTS TO SPECIFICATION! GRADUALLY & DIAGONALLY WITH A TORQUE WRENCH! Tightening with an air wrench or beyond specification pulls the disc to one side creating significant run-out & subsequent brake judder.

(8) Check brake fluid level & pump brakes to position pads.

(9) Brake fluid changing should be carried out every 2 years or to vehicle manufacturer's service schedule using fluid specified by the manufacturer.

Follow vehicle manufacturer's instructions in all respects in addition to the above guidelines. 


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